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thank you for caring


Hello + thank you for being here!

I am thrilled that you have found my little corner of the internet where I share my art, my words and my passion for creativity.  In the age of world wide access to imagery, content and OVERSHARING, I knew it was necessary to add this section to my site for my own safety and protection.  It is important for you to know that everything you see on my website is a product of my own creative sparks.  My imagination, my brain, my hands and my own style of seeing the world and representing what i see in an artisitc way has manifested the works on this site, and all my social media sites, therefore please be advised that to take (ie: sharing and/or reproducing for profit or not) any content from this or ANY December Studio Art or Dalyce Crossley owned sites/ content without permission is stealing and can be punishable by law.  Just like if you walked into a brick and mortar store and took an artwork off the wall and left without paying for it, sharing and/or reproducing for profit or not, my content without permission, is stealing.  In addition, taking photographs of any artist's work withoiut asking is wrong, rude and also stealing.  

Here's the scoop, my friend, I am a nice and very easy going person.  Most artists that I know fall into that category: nice, easy-going people.  It's likely part of the reason we became artists--we like nice and easy going lives.  BUT, we are also humans with feelings and bills to pay.  Be a good person and ASK FOR PERMISSION TO SHARE, PHOTOGRAPH, REPRODUCE, COLLABORATE.  We/I will most likely hug you tightly and (unless you're not hugger, then we will happily just) say YES! AND THANK YOU! Because we love to share, but we need to feed ourselves, pets, kids, partners, plants, etc.  So do right by the cosmic laws of good karma and for heaven's sake-- ASK:)


This space is for happy, kind, loving people who believe they can make the world a lovely place in their own unique + magical way. 

It is not a place for rude, degrading, unkind and/or hurtful words, actions or intentions.  If that kind of yuck ends up trickling into this space, I reserve the right and responsibility to delete the action and ban the person from this site and any of my social sharing networks.  I will also not do business with you.

Sweet! So now that the unpleasant business is outta the way, I just want to spell out a bunch of different things that govern this space, my business, my displayed artwork, my photos, my words and anything that is found here on this website and on any of my social sharing networks.


Anything I post on this site is my own content and therefore is owned by me.  I retain all copyright to all of my original content, artwork and writing.  You many not use any of the material you find here or anywhere I operate online without express written permission.  Doing so will cause me to file a Cease and Desist motion against you and proceed with legal filings.  In other words: please don't take my stuff without permission.  I am a really nice gal and I am happy to share, but I work really hard to create this work and I would like people to be connected to it through documented sources.  Thank you for your kindness in respecting my rights.


I ship orders on Wednesdays or FRIDAYS.  This means that any order placed by Tuesday or THURSDAY evening PST will be shipped Wednesday OR Friday.  I use Canada Post to ship, which can be expensive, but is trustworthy.  The truth is shipping in and out of Canada is pricey.   All shipping costs must be paid by the purchaser before the item ships.  Shipping costs vary and will be communicated with you if they exceed the posted cost on the shop page.  All prints, cards, paintings, etc are shipped using sturdy cardboard packaging which I have saved from supply orders I have recieved.  I try to do right by the planet when I can, so your package may not look beautiful on the outside, but your awesome artful goodies on the inside will surely delight you:)


I accept commission work for media and logo design, business and community organization promotions, and personal/gift pieces.  In addition, I can personalize any illustration item in my currently published portfolio to suit your needs.  Visit this page to learn more.


Any and all content found on this site is explicitly owned and copyrighted by artist Dalyce Crossley of December Studio Art.  If you commission me to create an artwork for personal or business use I permanently own the copyright and may use the image to promote my business in any way I deem necessary, unless previously negotiated.  If you commission me to create artwork, design work, logo work for business, advertising, promotion, etc. there will be a per use fee charged to your job, which we can take time to discuss.  To purchase a copyright of any work that I produce under a client based relationship, please contact me to negotiate terms.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or any item you see here on my website, please contact me to discuss.  Thank you so much for your kind consideration.

I offer PET PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS!  Please visit this page to read more about it and contact me today to book yours!