Hey there! Happy Wednesday:)

It's been a lot longer between newsletters than I anticipated.  Somewhere between the end of school (and all that comes with that), my daughter's softball season, planting my garden and building a new one...well, the newsletter lost out.

Whomp, whomp.

Anyhow, here I am with an update for ya, with a lot of sweet stuff coming your way.

Ok, so I have a brand spanking new line of art which I call FRESH VIBES 17.  It is a collection of bright, colourful, modern and simple designs created in what I call Scandi modern style.
These pieces are fun and vibrant, emitting a high lovin' vibe for your nest and I am really proud of the work.

I debuted the new works at a market last weekend and the feedback was fantastic!  Every piece was well received.  Turns out folks love things like fruit + flowers, sunshine + cactuses.  Huh.  Who knew? ;-)

Actually, I'm just being cheeky.  I know this imagery is timeless.  And I am thankful for that because creating these fun images brings me joy.

But, for all my friends who know my work as being animal-centric, don't you fret!  There are some new birds and dogs in this FRESH line-up, and a few new percolating creations sprouting in my brain for an OWL (woot, woot!), a RAVEN (caw!) and a CAT!  
Because not all of us are bird or dog people, am I right?

OK. So now, down to the nitty gritty.  I have updated the website with all the new items.  There is a listing in my shop for PET PORTRAITS!  If you didn't know, I started doing commission pieces for pet portraits in February and have five tucked under my belt now, with more scheduled to begin next week. I love making these illustrations SO MUCH.  The little faces are the sweetest and most satisfying creations I have ever produced.

NEW in the SHOP

There are new options for size and material in my shop.  I am now printing on radiant white watercolour paper made by EPSON.  I am also offering new sizes on some items.  5X7 AND 11X14 are new.  Find these variants on selected listings in my shop .


Thanks for reading all the way through.  I like to chatter on, as you can tell, and I truly appreciate your patience and attention to my rambling ramblings.

As a treat for you here is a code to take 20% off any of the new products (except the pet portraits). Enter this code at checkout for the discount:



Cheers friends!  Until next time:)  Be happy + enjoy your freakin' life!  It's pretty fantastic here!