Uncovering the soul.


I believe in coincidences and invisible connections: 

That the moon affects our body and mind. 

That words hold energetic power and that numbers are alchemical magic. 

I believe animals can communicate to help us understand life and that the meaning we give to events and the stories we make up in our minds become so entrenched in our cells that they change our DNA. 

I believe ideas can can make us hopeful or make us ill. 

I believe art has the power to heal and save lives (it saved my life) and that mythology can be more real (and instructive) than the notion of reality or the illusion of security. 


I believe we all have the power to choose and that we are here to fulfill our soul’s purpose. 

I believe we are not a mind; we are not a body.  We are spirit in a body, with a mind and that these entities are distinct but never separate: What we eat affects our spirit and our brains. What we think affects our joints, ligaments, bones and the brilliance of our spirit. 

If we nurture our soul, abundance and joy is inevitable. 

If we silence the soul, anxiety and depression and physical pain multiples. 

I believe we hold the power of all consciousness inside of us and that we are in co-creation with the universe at all times. The power of the mind body spirit trifecta is huge. 

I believe sometimes we forget. We’re human. We think society is the governing force over our true selves. We believe we have to hustle to prove our worthiness. We believe we have to work for love. This is a lie told to us to make us feel separate. In my life, I have straddled the worlds of physical and spiritual, thinking they were separate and disconnected.  They’re not. 

We are spiritual beings living a human existence on a physical plane.

We only need to spend moments in silence, paying reverence to the energy of the universe to know:

  • our worthiness is innate and not tied to accolade or success; love is our birthright
  • emotional strife arises when we are in resistance to what is
  • life flows in and through us at all times
  • we can access our true selves whenever we get still and breathe the beauty of life into our cells
  • we uncover our truth when we listen to the voice in our heart and not the one in our head. 

I’m not an expert, but I do know that life, despite all of the hardship, is a beautiful journey once we expand our hearts and live in our energetic connection to spirit and to each other. When we let go of expectation and limiting beliefs we cultivate a soul connection and learn to love what we find. We love ourselves and others more fully, more compassionately. 

This is the place my journey has lead me: to cultivate this energetic connection in my life. When I am creating art, I am living in the flow of life. But when I try to push the art into the world just as a product to sell, I feel I am resisting my truth.  I want there to be more substance to the work than it being pretty or interesting to look at. I have been called, my whole life, to draw the correlation between the beauty of the physical world and the messages of spirit. This is my work. This is my art. 

I have a new relationship to product creation that feels aligned with my purpose and fulfilling to my spirit. I am writing words that are leading the way to the core of connection. These words are for me and for you. They are meant to guide us into the journey of uncovering our soul. They are meant to heal, create, love, guide us back to our nature. 

Here is what I will tell you about the product ideas swirling about in my heart right now: there are multiple publication products in the works. These pieces combine words and images channeled through me when I am in my creative flow. There will be workshops based around the products. And maybe some audio/ video/ subscription content? Perhaps, perhaps. 

These items are serving the purpose of guidance and connection. A way to move back towards our true nature. This is not self improvement but rather soul uncovery (new word). When we uncover the soul from its myriad of veils, we are in the flow of life. This is my work. This is our work.  I hope you will join me on the path. 

Keep watching @decemberstudio on Instagram, my website and this newsletter for ongoing info about the new offerings I am working on. 

And thank you, as always, for being here.  Please enjoy this free printable in gratitude for your support.




Hey there! Happy Wednesday:)

It's been a lot longer between newsletters than I anticipated.  Somewhere between the end of school (and all that comes with that), my daughter's softball season, planting my garden and building a new one...well, the newsletter lost out.

Whomp, whomp.

Anyhow, here I am with an update for ya, with a lot of sweet stuff coming your way.

Ok, so I have a brand spanking new line of art which I call FRESH VIBES 17.  It is a collection of bright, colourful, modern and simple designs created in what I call Scandi modern style.
These pieces are fun and vibrant, emitting a high lovin' vibe for your nest and I am really proud of the work.

I debuted the new works at a market last weekend and the feedback was fantastic!  Every piece was well received.  Turns out folks love things like fruit + flowers, sunshine + cactuses.  Huh.  Who knew? ;-)

Actually, I'm just being cheeky.  I know this imagery is timeless.  And I am thankful for that because creating these fun images brings me joy.

But, for all my friends who know my work as being animal-centric, don't you fret!  There are some new birds and dogs in this FRESH line-up, and a few new percolating creations sprouting in my brain for an OWL (woot, woot!), a RAVEN (caw!) and a CAT!  
Because not all of us are bird or dog people, am I right?

OK. So now, down to the nitty gritty.  I have updated the website with all the new items.  There is a listing in my shop for PET PORTRAITS!  If you didn't know, I started doing commission pieces for pet portraits in February and have five tucked under my belt now, with more scheduled to begin next week. I love making these illustrations SO MUCH.  The little faces are the sweetest and most satisfying creations I have ever produced.

NEW in the SHOP

There are new options for size and material in my shop.  I am now printing on radiant white watercolour paper made by EPSON.  I am also offering new sizes on some items.  5X7 AND 11X14 are new.  Find these variants on selected listings in my shop .


Thanks for reading all the way through.  I like to chatter on, as you can tell, and I truly appreciate your patience and attention to my rambling ramblings.

As a treat for you here is a code to take 20% off any of the new products (except the pet portraits). Enter this code at checkout for the discount:



Cheers friends!  Until next time:)  Be happy + enjoy your freakin' life!  It's pretty fantastic here!




Painting Bear Video

Hi Friends!

I am slowly getting back into the rhythm of updating media sites and computer work after a wonderful few weeks of allowing myslef space to be a hermit and make art.  Today I want to share a hyperlapse video I made of me painting some colour values onto a new Bear friend.  Enjoy!


*Music clip is Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) by Foster the People