I’ve got something to tell you.

Two things actually.

First of all, I’m starting my blog again.

I began writing a blog 7 years ago when I was desperately trying to reclaim my true identity while navigating a deep depressive episode. Alongside anxiety that kept me from leaving my house. And crippling fear that drove me to believe what I truly wanted to do with my life made me a bad mom, wife and person. (the thing I wanted to do was become an artist, btw).

So ya. I started a blog that was mostly for me and then I abandoned it for a couple reasons which is a story for another day.

But, I’m back bitches and this time I’m doing it for me—again.

And I’m doing it for you, too.

I’ve got some shit to share about life. I’ve travelled some heavy roads. I’ve done some investigating.

And, I’ve got things to show you about how this human experience works.

But for today. The thing I have to tell you.

I’m a vegan now.

It’s going well and I’m happy.

Don’t worry though, I’m not going to push the ethics on you or preach the horror of the farming industry.

Because I don’t believe that one diet works or can work for everyone on this planet and I don’t think that veganism is something you can be forced into. I really think you have to get into alignment with it before it will work for you. And, since I started to exclusively draw animals and get closer to my spiritual self, I realized that eating animals and animal products was not ok for me personally anymore.

I will share yummy recipes with you though because my mind continues to be blown with the delicious treats and dishes you can make from plant based food items

Anyhow, that’s all for today. Scandalous, I know.

Peace ✌🏼