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Since I can recall, I’ve spent most of my time immersed in creative imagination. Daydreams and make-believe play formed my childhood on the prairie forests + fields I roamed. Writing, drawing, reading, learning + making things is my comfort zone. I am intensely interested in bridging the unseen (secret thoughts, ideas, imagined realities, universal consciousness) to the tangible (art, words, stories, objects, nature, people, food). Mine is a spirit steeped in the mysterious, imaged-in spaces that come to form through connection and creation.

I make my home in the big, beautiful country of Canada on the west coast; highly fortunate and deeply grateful to be living on the traditional territory of the Cowichan people. I am a Sagittarius sun (dynamic optimist, high idealist, adventurous seeker curious about the human mind), Scorpio rising (intense magnetic aura with the uncanny ability of looking straight into the soul of things), and a Taurus moon (stubborn, obsessive, intuitively loyal, driven to practicality, in love with beauty, comfort + abundance). I am the proud mother of two interesting and creative humans and happy wife of one tall, handsome, practical man. My name is Dalyce.

I came to this life to learn, dream, explore, try things, make mistakes, guide others, encourage people, and to love. Art, writing, reading and learning are the vehicles I use to explore + express my soul’s calling. Sharing my work with the world expands my heart, literally upgrading my energetic imprint and, thereby, upgrading the energetic vibration of the world.