Welcome to the online world of December Studio Art. My name is Dalyce and I am the illustrator, author and creative mind behind this brand. I am passionate about animals, nature and the human spirit; you will see these elements figure prominently in my work. My illustrative style is inspired by the minimalist design of Scandinavian folk art (my roots) and the simple shapes and colour blocks of graphic design (what I am drawn to). My educational background is in English Literature and Psychology with a deep affection for Anthropology. I am a self taught illustrator and designer. I primarily use photoshop and Procreate on the iPad to make my illustrations. I also paint words with ink and sumi-brushes. Sometimes, I teach what I know.

My lifelong dream as a child was to become an artist and a writer. Here, I have formed dream into reality.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work. You can learn more about me here, shop my prints, cards and calendars here, join my newsletter here, contact me here or follow me on instagram here.